We are no longer processing prediction. This app has been deprecated in favour of a more useful project: Malaysia Twitter Political Index. This app will remain as it is for archival purposes.

What is BN OR PR ?

It is a simple app that predicts if you are a BN or PR supporter. The operative word here is 'predict'. It's not definitive.

The daily prediction will simply determine if your latest tweets 'sound' like that of a BN or PR supporter. Further analysis of the historical data is entirely up to you.

We do however provide analytical services as and when needed.

How do we do it?

We have access to Google's machine learning algorithm. It is the same technology used by Gmail to detect spam and rank important emails. It allows the application to be smarter and learn from the historical data.

In our case, we teach the app to learn about politicians' tweets and friends. Everyday, we feed the app with politicians' tweets and in due time, it will be smart enough to predict other twitter users' political leanings with a higher confidence level.

Right now the system evaluates the tweets of roughly 130 politicians and we will continue to add more of them. To suggest a politician to add just ping @arzumy

Who built this thing?

Developed with a whole lot of grinning by @arzumy and friends.

Our main motivation behind the development of this app is to try out Google's machine learning algorithm.

And because we can.

If this app intrigued you, and you would love to collaborate with us, just let us know. We are open to ideas and smart people.

contact @arzumy. please take with a grain of salt.